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He is absolutely immune to pain, he just might not realize that right now because he imagines it when he knows that something that would hurt a normal person is about to hit him, and he would likely remember that if he thought back to cases where something hit him when he wasn’t expecting it, eventually if he ever fully internalizes that detail he should stop “feeling” pain entirely. The only exception is outsider magic and even that only works once or twice before his immunity learns how to deal with it, and that assumes a new out of context form of magic/spell is used each time

Phil has been shown on numerous occasions that he can feel pain. It’s just that it has also been shown that, if the pain would be beyond a certain threshold of physical damage, whatever’s preventing him from being harmed also SEEMS to prevent the pain that harm would have created.

An example of the harm and pain being prevented is when he went through the street and when he was shot in the back of the head. An example of him feeling pain even when he was harmed was when Axel broke an axe over the back of Phil’s head to show that he was immune to harm.

Basically, Phil would feel EVERYTHING that a standard Sadist would be able to dish out. It’s pretty much only when it reaches “this would have killed anyone but him” levels of damage that the pain is prevented.

….I would say my strong suit is being dumb, not grammar, but shouldn’t that be “neither are sadists” or “neither are sadistic”? (Or even “neither are a sadist”?)

Dunno though, Yuki. Would depend on if he’s a masochist or not, which…while he doesn’t seem to enjoy pain, he doesn’t seem to mind bearing it if it’s necessary. (Even if it’s just training purposes?)

I mean, kinkshaming aside, does she know he’s not a masochist in the bedroom? Does she know for sure that neither of his girlfriends are sadists in the bedroom?

I feel Yuki, for all her vaulted knowledge, is making a hecking pile of assumptions about relationships here. Yes, communication is good, but she is adding her own prejudice too. I guess that just makes her as flawed as anyone else on the topic.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much. With Twitter’s API shenanigans basically ruining my automated access to their service, I don’t feel much like spending time on there at all and only notice updates in the old fashioned way (IE, coming directly to the page here).

As ever, though, thanks Sage.

Yuki has recently spent some time with an individual who can directly sense emotions and who has observed Kate, Michelle, and Phil — It’s a safe bet that the subject of what emotions the demoness had recordings of and from which donors came up, and Kalish could have told “vanilla” feelings apart from S&M as easily as we can tell ice cream from jalapenos.

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