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Which world? Some pointers for those of us that want to look it up?

Yuki’s not gonna like why Rieko ended up as a soul-cyborg, is she.

Rieko gonna get smothered by adoptive busty mom hugs. Good thing she’s now Andorid and doesn’t technically need to breath.

At least Cain has already paid the price. His life would probably have ended via violent momsune rampage if it hadn’t already ended via Water in Lia’s body.

Um Im not sure she would be mad at Cain. Cain broke when his sister was killed during the weirding, and then was determined to resurrect her. As messed up as he was he never wished harm or tried to wrong Rieko.

He may have not wanted to wrong her, but he absolutely did, and Yuki wouldn’t be likely to see things his way. Especially with how damaged he was,

Obviously the real ones at fault were the mob, but Cain would probably have been a target. To be honest, though, without the protection of the Twins, Cain had made so many extremely powerful enemies that if Water hadn’t offed him, someone else would have. Such a tragic character…

You know, now that I reread this page, I’m starting to worry that potatoes may be endangered if Rieko takes Yuki’s offer seriously.

I think you’re missing a space in “lightout” -> “light out” , unless you have some meaning here that I’m missing.

Beyond that I think it’s awesome for Reiko to have a fox-friend, though combining a nervous and timid girl with “be careful what you wish for” situations could lead to shenanigans!

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