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Not a lot of ways to handle a real, ultra-powerfull wish that *don’t* go monkey paw. Maybe wishing people were more tolerant of beings with slightly different shapes, and Rieko ends up as a very-cute poster child for tolerance? The serious effort it would take for a shy fox girl to learn how to make publicity appearances would match the trope that a wish can only work without backfiring if *you* put a lot of effort into it. It would also fit well into the fight against intolerance that is heating up again with the “Kate’s Mother” plot.

“Hello, I was a teen brutally murdered by adults during the Weirding, for a change I didn’t understand. It broke my younger brother, who went insane and later revived me as magic powered cyborg. You are all horrible people, who will now experience my death memory. Strap them into the VR Chairs!”

Is something Rieko would never do.

So glad that april first is a Saturday. It limits sage.

But we have all weekend to wonder if he’s going to prank us on Monday.

Know this. I hate April fool’s day. It’s a day of 100 terrible, stupid or harmful pranks for every 1 decent one. I think the last time I did an April fool’s day thing was a joke comic about lien getting massive tits.

Ah yeah almost all the pranks arnt funny and just trolling. Even when they are fun there is problems, like warframe has been plagued by one of there jokes for years, as a joke said they were going to release alt lotus voices, the samples had a super cutesy loli voice and a ton of other over the top ones, problem is fans didn’t find it funny, they legit wanted them.

i have too many things to say to that last panel since it’s humorous and serious; Three things, is she going to make her flesh and blood? Does she have kids? How does she know about the monkey’s paw?

Monkey’s Paw is an ancient concept. It would be more surprising if either of them didn’t know what it was.

It was new to me a few years ago. Apparently the meme was fairly recent and local sourced – but is spreading:

“”The Monkey’s Paw” is a horror short story by English author W. W. Jacobs. It first appeared in Harper’s Monthly in 1902 …”.

Various cultures has had there own versions of the concept “be careful what you wish for”
Djini (Persian/middle eastern), Loke (Norse), the devil (probably don’t need an introduction)

Wishes backfiring is somewhat common. Tho it is more unusual that she makes such a modern version and not an very old southern central eastern Asian version

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