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I free non-monkeys paw Wish is a very useful Ace to have.

The real issue with the Monkey’s Paw is that people pushed the problems of their own poorly worded wishes off onto the Paw which was just granting things in the simplest most direct way available. You wish for money but don’t specify (like ‘I wish that ten gold bars from the bank’s vault to appear right before me’) it takes the least difficult path, a slight miscalculation and your family member dies so you get the death benefits. You wish them back to life but don’t specify restored to full health as it was prior to being injured it turns them into a mangled living corpse. Wish that they were returned to their grave and it worked just fine. You needed simple, direct wishes that didn’t have such leeway for a monkey to figure out what you wanted.

Wow, you took a very different moral from that story than I did. I never thought “Oh, the moral here is- you need to be really specific about your wish- and then the creepy totally not evil monkeys paw will grant your wish totally fine!”

I think the intent of the Monkey’s Paw story is to imply it’s wrong to want something for nothing and that seeking such will only bring punishment because you’re supposed to work for everything. So they wished for easy money and that’s wrong (for some reason) so they lose the son, they wish for their son alive again and again somehow that’s wrong so he’s brought back as the mutilated thing he was when he was buried, so that the last wish works just fine because they’re ‘properly’ schooled against wanting something for nothing and gave up by having the last wish put things back as they were (mind you if I remember the last wish correctly it doesn’t actually wish him DEAD again only back to his grave, so he could have been left alive but buried in his ruined body).

I am slightly impressed and worried. Metagame a “I will twist whatever you wish for so you will end up wishing that you never wished before”

Out of morbit curiousity. Take the modern interpretation of Hansen and Greta with the gingerbread house. What is your take away from it?

I always suspect the evil genie version unless otherwise specified whenever magical wishes are mentioned. ie. unless the wish is VERY specific AND fairly minor, it will use any loophole to somehow turn it into some sort of trap. The mentioned gold bars at least leave a clue to you being the one who stole it. A bit like bedazzled or wishmaster

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