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So Emi gets to find out that teleports take time and divination makes surprise tactics that much harder to pull off. I also really appreciate the way Yuki’s eyes go more fox-like when she channels more of her power, also feeling like things are ramping up quick enough that Lien may be by shortly to get them to chill out.

I might be wrong in my earlier predictions on how easily Yuki will wipe the floor with Emi. I’m getting the impression Emi has either used a fake out tactic, or an illusion that looks real long enough to be useful, or will teleport again before getting hit and appear somewhere to get in a shot on Yuki.

Ultimately I think Emi would lose in a real fight against Yuki. I think Yuki may be just testing Emi to see if she’s worthy of being the Magi of Power.

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