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One option would be to switch “camera”, ie. show something else in the tower and only show some muffled combat noise sound effects in the background, the stereotypical debris raining from the ceiling, room shaking,,,. Then half an hour later both enter the room there visibly exhausted and scuffed up.

I’m siding with the Kitsune. She has been consistently trying to be nice.
Unlike certain other parties who perhaps need to be taken down a peg or two.

I’d agree with Yuki winning but mostly from the grounds of experience and guile over the argument that Emi needs taken down a peg or two. Emi has shown a lot of improvement and the general arrogance feels more like a defense mechanism because she’s still a bit uncertain about herself than any real case of feeling like she’s better than anyone else though this is a good way to break up that facade a bit and let Emi get out from underneath it.

That aside this is a good time to establish Yuki as a powerhouse on par with the Magi for whatever else may come down the line. I doubt we’ll see her taking too aggressive a posture to any threats but if the Outsiders do step in or that odd threat that the elemental magics have been alluding to starts stirring then she can help as a home guard or a source of training so two arrows to Phil’s proverbial bow with this scene.

Whoops. Suddenly all tails.

The audience technically hasn’t seen Emi cut fully loose as a fighter. She’s either been holding back, nulled, or terrified of Death.

I can’t recall her and Power having maximum sparing session with Serena and Fire. Who would be next closet two in capability and resilience, amoung the Magi.

Emi underestimating her opponent and being cocky. I said it previously, Emi is outmatched. She may be a magi, but she’s dealing with a Celestial. Emi accusing Yuki of abusing Power just shows how little she knows of Celestials and how foolish she is to make assumptions. She’s reckless and that’s gonna leave her with a hardearned lesson while she’s in the infirmary.

I keep seeing people getting way too excited at seeing Emi getting put into the ground of the infirmary and it’s like…she isn’t the same people. She HAS changed. That said I don’t think she’ll win this, but I don’t think Yuki would be as malicious as to actively hurt her. In fact I think there’s some history between her and Emi’s clan, which I point to her calling her a ‘princess’. I don’t think that was her being coy, I think that the last time she dealt with Emi’s clan that they did have royalty, or at least ties to it, and before she became a Celestial she did have interactions with them. Hell, maybe she even trained one or two of them.

All that said, again, Yuki’s gonna win, but probably just flick her forehead or something similar.

It’s not about whether she’s changed. She overestimating herself, underestimating a Celestial, and just all around being arrogant. Emi thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips because she’s the Magi of Power. She thinks she has sole possession and say on what is done with Power and who is allowed to use it. That’s why people are eager for her to be taken down a peg. She needs the lesson she’s about to learn. And after Yuki wipes the floor with Emi, Yuki will give her some words of wisdom that will help Emi.

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