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Having Emi faceplant in there is just adding insult to injury. (No complaints though)

Soft landings are nice!

all according to keikaku

Way to make me happy, tipping me on a new word!

All according to keikaku, I guess. 🤔

It’s an old Anime Meme- in a scene from Death Note the character says in japanese – “All according to plan” but the fansub said it as “All according to Keikaku” and then put a “Translators note – Keikaku means plan” so it was like “Wait- why didnt you just say plan?”
So it became a meme!

Experience over arrogance. Emi underestimated her opponent and overestimated her own prowess. She doesn’t have authority over who uses Power and hopefully now she’ll understand that.

She wasnt really being arrogant or controlling, she heard about a dangerous spell being offered and came to hear more information, learing it was a kitsune on site. She was being careful, Yuki really picked the fight do to past conflicts with Emi’s family which Emi doesn’t seem to know about.

Emi went from *walks into the room* to *FIGHT ME!* in the span of two pages. Yuki didn’t pick any fights. Saying Yuki and Emi’s family have history is not shown anywhere. Yuki calling Emi “princess” does not imply any past connection, it’s just Yuki pushing Emi’s buttons for being so needlessly hotheaded. Emi was very much arrogant for the very reasons I stated. And she even tries to claim sole authority over who is allowed to use Power. I feel like you skipped several pages.

She called her by her last name that no one has said – That implies some familiarity for sure.

So Koya is Emi’s last name? Fair enough. The rest of my points still stand, though.

Thanks for the correction on that point, Sage. I didn’t read it as a past connection, but rather Yuki just being able to see Emi’s connection to a clan/family.

Hello, first time commenting on this comic. In terms of the fight, Yuki was the one who initiated the challenge by stating “Does this little oje wish to challenge their elder?” to which Emi accepted. Emi was worried, as wish magic is very finicky and can go horribly wrong, so she wanted to figure out who was giving it out. That’s when Yuki stated “Does the Koya princess wish to interfere”. Emi was just concerned with who was giving out such powerful magic, as it fell under her Domain.

Yep- it literally falls under her domain which she feels responsible for. A lot of this will be cleared up in the upcoming comic pages. Including the connection between the Koya family and Kitsunes. Her calling her a Koya Princess was a foreshadowing for that history that im glad many people picked up on, but i totally understand some people not wanting to engage in possible head canon.

What are you talking about, Emi never said no you cant or demanded a fight, she came in and asked for information about “someone offering wishes” she learned it was a kitsune and blamed fill for bringing a headache. Yuki then showed up and confused and cornered Emi who got very much pushed to fight. This was either do to a grudge of Yuki’s against Emi’s family, kitsune are known for nasty grudges that they hold over generations. Or Yuki need to get Emi to fight for some reason, like to see is power was in control. Yuki is a white furred kitsune, which white fur means conected to the divine mythology wise, ether a servant of a god or a god themselves. The father of onmyoji, aka Japanese magic Abe no seimei was said to be born from a white furred kitsune named Kuzunoha. Do to this even a criminal group like Emi’ family would try to stay on good term with white furred kitsune, as they really have no reason to antagonize them, and should have at least some respect towards them. Which is why its kind of odd to see how agressive Yuki was, unless it was a act. With how Yuki was at the end, I bet she was testing Emi.
Now I could be reading way to much into it with mythology, but sage loves his anime and I doubt he can help including some mythology, provided he knows this bit.

I figured Yuki would win by some means other than raw power given the advantage Emi has with being effectively an avatar for that trait. I did not expect it to end quite so quickly after Emi broke the illusion but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen layered spell effects, though that does make me wonder if Lia would have done better or worse if she’d been the one in this fight even if it probably would not have escalated nearly as much in her case.

Ahh yes some random poison and wait out it. Effective but pretty pathetic. And it’s just going to piss Emi off more that the fox had to fight dirty.

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