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Typo fix: “Is Reiko and Miyo” > “Are Reiko and Miyo”

Yuki’s panel 1 response is grammatically correct, but repeating the word ‘barrier’ twice rapidly like that sounds odd. I would suggest replacing the first ‘barrier’ with another word such as ‘shield’ or ‘protection’.

Typically “two-faced” needs a hyphen in the middle but you’re probably fine without it. Or you could just use single words like ‘deceptive’ or ‘treacherous’.

Grammar aside, I love the range of expressions Emi’s face goes through on this page! The first panel very nearly looks like something OTHER than what’s intended to be, given her position snuggled against Yuki’s front. Quite a pleasant place to wake up, if one is not burdened by worrying about others or having just lost a fight!

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