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#2606 published on 13 Comments on #2606

This was an interesting bit. So, to make it more like a storybook while retaining the comics general style, I just did a few things differently (because it can be really difficult to change up your style with a limited amount of time). So, my attempt was to, sketch it like I would normally. Ink it using a different Pen Type, color it using no fill tools! o_O Yeah, that makes it take a lot more time, but it gives it more of a “hand drawn feel” even though it is always hand drawn. More painting in general for details, don’t polish it too much, while also limiting extra details. I did try to go even further, but I have to put a bit of a cap on how long something takes to get done, otherwise, comics would be late all the time making future pages later and later into a cascading mess of never updating and always working.

That all said, coming up with the stories was fun too. I even have a 3rd story but I needed a Negative and a Positive, not a Negative and 2 sad positives!
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Oh. That bandit was a total idiot! How much time you have left to live indicator that changes according to your intended actions can be very, very useful, but he set it to 0 by attacking a mythic beast way, way stronger than himself.

Should have set it to react to his intentions so he had a few moments to comprehend howuch he fucked up

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