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That’s an interesting take on things, that the wish-granters twist the wishes to reduce the magical investment into them. But hardly seems worth it unless you’re wanting to harm someone by tricking them into a wish you can then maliciously twist.

Remember the lore. The Koya, and most of the Magi, weren’t good people, at all.

Like getting granted a “Wish” from Organized Crime (which I think all the extended Magi families are at this point, expect maybe Earth). If you wish for “1 billion dollars”, it is cheaper for them to steal it. And then let you take the fall for Money/Bank/Wire Fraud. While Org Crime walks off with the other billion they stole at the same time.

Like wishing for a million bucks. I mean, just what are you going to do with that many (horny) male deer?

Lifetime supply of venison, yey.

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