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For some reason I’m starting to suspect emi may not have had a lot of maternal affection cast her way

It’s pretty much overtly stated when Emi syncs with her magic that the Koya family twists their heirs to seek affection as a means to control them. Emi’s mother was actually taken away and reconditioned because she was treating Emi too well.

A major part of the two coming to an accord was convincing Power that killing Emi to reset to another heir wouldn’t actually work as a way of getting affection. It also didn’t help that Emi kept running back to the single good memory she had with her mother and that Power resented her for keeping that for herself.

So yeah, Yuki is basically pushing all the right buttons to break right through Emi’s shell and get right into the parts that are just a young woman who really isn’t nearly as certain of herself as she lets on, which is a good thing because Lia and Serena are much more the big sister types for her and there really aren’t that many other options to fill that motherly role.

Honestly Yuki’s really showing off her long life and wide range of experiences because she’s really just sliding right in and trying to fix everything she sees with people around the complex. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go touching any issues that aren’t quite ready to address or her “let me help” mentality might cause more problems than she’s trying to fix.

It depends on what stories Sage is borrowing from with that last bit, but it should be fine. I’m pretty sure kitsune are pretty much universally empaths and incredibly skilled at reading and manipulating people. for better or worse.

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