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I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination… But does Kate just keep getting curvier?

There was a…. Joke? update a while back addressing this. It took the form of an interview of the actors acting this comic out, and someone asked a similar question. In response, we learned:

1. It would require specially measured and dispensed drugs
2. All the female cast had water bottles that had their names and weren’t allowed to share
3. One of the male cast did borrow one of them and now his chest tingles.

Nosey Tabloid Press: Why are the women who work for FTRobotics such power houses?

FTR PR: We have employee fitness facilities, which we encourage use of. Our onsite diagnosticians, help with health and well-being counseling. Oh and we make sure our employees have plenty of time to make use of both…. We treat our employees like People, and not disposable soulless automotons. Unlike many other companies I could name >:3

I find it a little odd that he just instantly new bfr ment black forest rangers, thats a small elite taskforce, sure its publicly know, but would that reqlly be what he immediately thinks off?

In a world where monsters and ghosts are real, the people responsible for fighting back the most creature infested location in the world backed by every major country in the world- they can be pretty famous. Also- he could be a military kid. Lots of Navy and Airforce in their local area.

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