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Cousin Emi? I guess she objects to being called ‘aunt Emi’.

No matter how big of a hero you are, I guess to your teenage kids you’ll always be a dork.

Is this the oldest we’ve seen either of the kids before?

Glad to see Phil keeps his generally youthful appearance even as Sakura gets older. Also Emi hating the story makes sense as she’s probably still got some issues with how her family treated her (and boy didn’t her last interaction with Yuki press that button again) and how she originally acted while under the influence of her powers. Life and Death at least had full possession so they weren’t aware of their actions (I’m assuming that much because they immediately went back to speaking atlantean when freed) but Emi is shown to remember and regret. Also Emi designating herself the cool older cousin makes me wonder if she’s claimed Phil as the idiot uncle that she loves despite his faults, Kate as the aunt that adopts her after her actual mother drops the ball utterly, or if she just calls herself Sakura’s cousin so she can interfere as she pleases, I could totally see Emi doing things like signing Sakura out for “doctors appointments” to go to concerts or something but Phil/Kate can’t complain too much because Michelle/Lia/Serena have Sakura ahead of the curve already and Emi’s argument about wasting time with pointless classes kinda rings true when she’s acing all of them. But that’s me getting off into the weeds of my own thoughts.

Seeing Sakura older really shows she is taking after her mom pretty solidly here and I really like the way she wears her hair. Kinda makes me wonder if we’ll get to see her brother aged up in the next mother/fathers day comic since we’ve now seen Sakura at like 4, 8, and 16 for these.

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