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They (most likely) mean a physical paper copy. So even if they can hack into the system to get the name change approved digital, the non-digital paper copy would say something different and cause issues later.

they do know a reporter who happens to be Kate’s father’s future sister in law…

Making a stink about deliberate cruelty to minorities won’t solve the immediate issue of the wedding.

Unfortunately it is not a problem that can be publicly shamed into going away, as can happen sometimes with good investigative reporting. Where the people involved are actually breaking the law… instead of enforcing legalized cruelty.

leaking the information to hate groups is illegal, also things don’t change unless people know about the problem

They weren’t supposed to know about any of these issues in the first place. Unless they can create a legally provable paper trail then they can’t get the hate group for their actions.
The last thing any sane person wants is “fruit of the poison tree” getting mixed into this sort of mess. If that happens then the hate group becomes borderline untouchable.

Last panel:

“Who’s” is a contraction of “who is”.

“Whose” is the possessive form of “who”.

Still enjoying the heck out of both your comics. Thanks for the hard work!

I’m sorry, but were Toyoko’s boobs always that huge? Somehow, I don’t remember them being that massive.

Until Yuki joined the crew Toyoko was the largest of all the girls… And technically still is. Yuki and Toyoko have the same bra size yet Yuki looks slightly bigger because she herself is tiny! Toyoko is also thicker all around. That said… She usually wears a bra and more clothes. She was in a hurry to report her findings in person so they can act on it immediately, so she threw on just the bare minimum for her outfit and left.

Also at this point I forgot who is organic and who is a robot girl

If the girl doesn’t have animals ears and not a magi or sage, then the list is really short for named and shown non robotic girls, demoness, the reporter and her sister who raised Kate, fire’s mom, the witch who collected maids, Kates mom (debatably human…. who am I kidding we’re the worst species, shes is one), I think there was a black forest ranger, and I think thats it, including magi and sage thats only 10, and several we will never see again. So just asume robot. as you can see Kate was never there

Correct, Kate was not raised by Jane. When she was younger she was one of an overwhelming number of suddenly homeless children and some young adults too caused by the events. Many, including Kate, went from foster home to foster home without any decent records being kept because it was overwhelming. Once she was old enough to pass as an adult she left them behind to do what she could to make it herself. Working odd jobs, and finding inexpensive places to stay and cheaper places to live nearby places she could easily find work.

Hmmm, just thought of something. Shiden probably isn’t going to be able to help much here either save for perhaps funding lawyers. His recent escapade with Congress probably burned a lot of bridges he may have had with the government.

He can still do a lot, protection at the event, lawers to stall any bs charges, and money to buy press coverage. He hold plenty to threaten politicians here. Politicians do not want proof of them being involved in racism publicised, and know he can do it. This isnt a fight they can win and they know it.

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