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Someone may still try to come interfere with the wedding, sadly

i dont think anyone interfering will be much of a challenge for this weddings security team^^

Half the guest list probably is the security team.

At least a third of the remainder probably isn’t allowed to be on the security team for “collateral damage” kinds of reasons.

If anyone tried crashing their wedding….well. Good luck? (For all that’ll do…)

Ueah this has been my thought, have the wedding, if its treated as fake so what, the pushing of making getting it officially recognized can be done after. And if done after you can make use of footage of wedding crashers and of how the paperwork just vanished to spark outrage on social media and use that to lay on pressure. If any of the wedding crashers mention being tipped of by government contracts its game over, and they are self righteous psychos who think they are in the right, they wont hide info like that. This is a long game fight, rushing it is not the way, but it also isnt needed to be done by the wedding.

Pretty healthy attitude for Kate to have. While this legal technicality might hold things up from being recognized by the government they will still be married in spirit. They can always get the paperwork done later once a solution has been found.

Technically- they will still be legally married regardless, she just won’t be allowed to to take his last name. It’s kinda the example of a law that affects so few, most people don’t care about the implications of such a law or policy, it was just put in place to harass or to serve as some kind of minor hurdle to dissuade people from doing something. Like how some minor laws can be so vague it leads people to believe something is illegal that isn’t.

i feel like Kate’s mom and her cult will strike during the wedding, best not to tempt fate

Fate will definitely be tempted, but the question is by whom. Because odds are given the guest list, this isn’t a wedding you want to hostilely crash.

Faate may be being tempted, but there’s an army of robot girls, and obviously lots with ninja skills, to intercept, disable, and detain unwanted guests.

And that’s not even including the magi and the demon king who are probably on the guest list too. Plus maybe a celestial or two?

Honestly, it looks almost like a tempting target for some hidden big bad to attack (the Outsiders?). Get all these major players in one place at the same time…

Artstyle shift in this page? Maybe it’s just my imagination.

I always use Yosh! for some experimental art from time to time. If it’s something I like I usually gravitate more towards it and mix it in with my usual stuff. I have always disliked the idea of limiting the comic to a particular style just to maintain the look and feel – because it also felt like it was not letting me continue to grow as an artist. For this one though, most of the linework is the same, but i changed up the shading a decent amount and the highlights a little bit. Backgrounds are something I do on and off, trying to do a bit more depth of field since there is rarely anything to see in the background anyways. I wonder if it looks better than gradients. It’s mostly free assets thrown into a room with my colors thrown on, some awesome photo detailed brushes, and then blurred to hell- XD (Because something people need to learn- if you blur something that has NO detail- its going to look like a blur, but if you blur something with a LOT of detail- its looks like a blurry SOMETHING!)

I can only comment as a reader, but for me blurred backgrounds is one technique that puts the focus on the characters. That works well, I think, for the conversations we see here. But it also makes a comic less detailed and is boring (to me) when done habitually as I’ve seen examples of. [Translating from a dictionary:
“Lagom” is a Swedish word with meanings such as “neither too much nor too little”, “without exaggeration”, “for the purpose ‘suitable’ size, amount”, etc.]

I’ve caught up with some long published comics and it is interesting how the good artists continually find ways to improve but others quite quickly find a template to adhere too. Those are typically the short joke type (“xkcd” is an example) so becomes read for other reasons than great art and/or great stories. [Handle with care: obviously there is a huge dollop of selection bias in this observation!]

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