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So we’re looking at Blue either being on cloud nine and being ineffective from bliss, getting completely sidetracked teasing Nami, or a combination of the two. It’s going to take Nami a LONG time live this one down if she ever manages to.

Also it appears that wedding planning put ideas in Nami’s head and she’s started to make her own plans. I really appreciate her growth as the comic’s gone on and she remains one of my favorites.

I just find it funny that the fact that Kate’s “mom”, who for all intents and purposes has disowned her and thinks that her daughter is dead. Is against this person (who just happens to have the same name as her daughter) changing her name. I mean seriously crazy lady if Kate changes her name you don’t have to associate with her, not that you were doing it before anyway.

the mother isn’t responsible for blocking the name change what she wants is worse

if i recall the story points correctly, she’s indirectly responsible, as the people responsible for blocking her are part of her mom’s facebook group of chimera haters, so she made them aware it was a chimera trying to get a name change.

It isn’t just that Kate has the same name as her daughter, but that she thinks that Kate killed and replaced her daughter. Or took over her body, or whatever thing she convinced herself of to avoid accepting she kicked out her own daughter and left her to die.

Quite the slip of the tongue! Ah yeah I agree with Ian up there, Blue is quite happy with this! Good thing the only other robot girl there right now is Toyoko, I can imagine the smile on Michelle’s face had she witnessed this (but you know she’ll tease Nami good later when she learns of it)!

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