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Can’t she be redirected to attack someone else? I know of a ‘mother’ who might be planning on showing up who could use a punch in the head.

If this webcomic had a more Mature rating and less PG to G rating, I would expect that said “mother” would have difficulty surviving the first five minutes. Alternatively, given the importance of some of the guests to this wedding, it might actually be difficult for her to attempt to enter while uninvited.

Think about it. Members of The Black Forest Rangers and Dr Shiden Nassa, and that’s ignoring the Ninjas and Mages. And the possibility that Blue’s adoptive father, a General, could come as Blue’s +1, as Nami’s also invited. There’s going to be a fairly high number of powerful and influential people going to this wedding that said “mother” has no clue what she’s trying to walk into.

So lets break down this wedding so far:
1) Crazy lady and reality denying friends wanting to make bride’s life miserable.
2) Crazy lady with violence crush on groom, and emotional control issues.
3) Android lady addicted to foodgasms.
4) A demon lady who feeds on drama mana.
5) A kitsune lady who likes pranking, and being sexy micro-grandma.
6) Lots of quirky android ladies running interference and support.
7) Invulnerable groom.
8) Genius artificer bride.

This is fine. Everything will be okay. I see lots of problems that solve each other.

The inevitable phrase here is “what can go wrong?” And we know what happens anytime someone says that. But seriously, with all the oddballs attending the wedding or planning to crash it, nothing is going to go as planned. Besides, wedding scenes in fiction seldom go as planned and disruptions are to be expected.

Kidnapping the bride is the most common, stealing the wedding rings is less common, kidnapping the pastor can happen, and if all that fails, explosives are a great way to ruin a wedding. If the actual ceremony goes off without a hitch, you know something will happen after the wedding.

I first started reading this comic back in…probably the mid to late 00s. And then I just stopped reading webcomics. I recently found a link to the comic in my bookmark bar and decided to start at the beginning.

It’s crazy to think that I just read 15 years of comics and I have to say, I really enjoyed what this comic has become. I think I’d get along with Phil IRL, we have a lot of shared interests, fears, likes, etc.

Anyways, just commenting to say I am glad I am all caught up, and it took me by surprise to see me now current. Can’t wait to see the future!

Welcome back to the community. Not many webcomics survive this long. Even worse is the ones that reach an end but vanish because the host sites went belly up. Doing binge reading like you did was probably a shock seeing how much the art has changed over the years.

Well, if that Lilith is like this Lilith, a wedding is just more fun if when they get to the part of “If anyone would object to these two getting married, speak now or hold your peace”, it’s fun to have a friend stand up, brandish a weapon, and have an epic battle in the middle of the wedding.

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