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Nami start looking Phil has metaphorically spit in a lot of beings faces including a Lich, a witch who brainwashed women just to put them in maids outfits, a rouge government agency that was looking for silver bullets for all monsters/magical beings and everything in heaven and hell so start looking or that wedding is going to have more bad blood than the Hatfields and Mccoys

Well not “hell”. They’ve got friends on the other side, including the King PenPen. Who may be on the guest list already. Axel, Kalish, PenPen’s Cousin, maybe some demon court toadies.

Phil has only really clobbered one specific demon, and that guy’s dead. Kalish obliterated him.

Plus there’s flavored mana, so a distracting buffet could be available.

Soul-sucking monsters?

Like a certain person’s female progenitor?

You got there before I could.
If Kate’s mother and her ilk show up, that’ll be more than enough monstrousness to be getting on with.

Gotta wonder if the birth giver has even the slightest idea of how thoroughly outclassed her gang would be if they tried anything serious

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