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I wonder (and apparently so does Yuki) how many “spells” in the game book came from faded memories/traditions/myths, how many are impossible fantasies even with magic, and how many are new ideas that might be possible now that an expert has heard of them?

As someone who has worked on TTRPG games, I can say pretty much no. Most of the time, we build of “rule of cool” and wait for the balance guys to scream at us that it is broken as hell and we can’t use it.

That’s where the complicated back-and-forth dance of diplomacy starts, while we try to sneak around the balance team and straight to layout.

She’s researching freakin’ Mythallars, isn’t she?

Wrong setting. Eberron doesn’t have Mythallars, that’s Forgotten Realms. That said Eberron would give her an idea of what industrialized magic would look like.

Planescape or Spelljammer would give her what she wants to know about Crystal Spheres though.

She is reading a 3/3.5 Forgotten Realms: Magic of Faerun book, not a 5e book. So hey it’s not Eberron.

I’m curious if the original poster meant a Mythal instead of a Mythallar. The former is a magical warding worked by a ritual enacted by multiple casters while the latter is a giant magical battery that’s probably more hazardous than useful (especially given what Shiden is working on). Both would feasibly be in the Magic of Faerun suppliment.

As for crystal spheres that would be better covered in spelljammer (and not the horrible 5e suppliment) but there could be some notes about it in Magic of Faerun since Evermeet actually maintains a fleet of spelljammers even if they’re very rarely used outside of defending the island so haven’t actually left the sphere.

If I remember correctly, there were major jammer ports in Kara-Tur and Zakrum too, both of which would have also fallen under the Faerûn books since the actual campaign settings were discontinued in 3rd Ed (the first to reuse the Oriental Adventures name for a d20 version of Legend of the Five Rings, and the second because the Land of Fate used magic that would have violated d20 design methods).

Yuki: Wrong… wrong… kinda close, but still wrong… UGH! Is THIS how the magical world has been remembered by mortals?!? Just correct enough to be dangerous, but with enough mistakes that this tome would have guided people to their deaths!

Kate: Hey, it’s been useful for Phil… who is admittedly invulnerable…

Phil: Ooh! We could publish an errata to correct the record!!

Yuki: We’d be better off starting from scratch to fix all the misconceptions…. Phil, that’s a bad thing, don’t look so excited…

While I did misread the title of the book, Eberron has been around since 3.5…

It’s true. Eberron was the last campaign setting released for 3.5- and I love Eberron too ^_^
Eberron also is a better example of an impenetrable crystal sphere. It was originally known for being even more closed off from the rest. I did a whole campaign based on the concept of that breaking down and Overgods taking notice. The lore I read up on described Eberrons crystal sphere more like an iron sphere, that could even stop Spelljammers from entering it and hiding it from other worlds and beings. So- very fitting for what Yuki wants to build.

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