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I don’t think those books last very long, if they get used often. I never played but I remember a lot of my brothers books lost their covers quickly, though the pages inside stayed intact. Makes me wonder why the players manual ended up like that though, since I assume my brother and his friends knew everything in that beginners’ book, the character sheets in it weren’t even marked.

I see D&D 4th edition representation… I am happy.

It’s not my favorite but it had some neat stuff. It’s responsible for the Tiefling rework. I like the old Tieflings just fine but the new ones are more distinct and both are applicable in the main campaign setting of Faerun. It also introduced more tactical movement and actions beyond just doing damage that previous versions didn’t take advantage of. It’s also not the favorite of many of the creators responsible for the lore, mostly because it tried to condense a ton of the lore and simplify it after they worked so hard to make a complex system that dms can take advantage of or- ignore as they choose. Also the lockdown of the content not being under an open gaming license that helped kill it off as fast as it did.

I laugh because this comic basically EXACTLY mirrors part of the discussion in the comments of the last comic (and wonder if that was the inspiration for the dialogue in this one or if that was planned ahead of time).

As far as books go I’ve got pretty much all the RPG books I’ve ever bought still including the old 1E books that I started with from my dad but some have definitely seen better days than others. We still play the old 2E system with my local group and it’s what feels most like home for me when it comes to D&D tabletop.

The comments are what made me feel comfortable going forward with my plan because, clearly there were enough people that interact with the comic to really get the jokes, while I left it open enough for people to go “oh- hes being like super nerdy right now- that’s the joke!” I did cut it down a bit. I was going to point out that maybe Kate mistook Crystal Spheres for Mythallar because they are described as looking like giant crystal balls, and assumed Magic of Faerun had that- but the book itself doesn’t mention Mythallar at all, but it does mention Mythals in a section all about them.

I had to leave around 90% of my books behind when I moved – I had an entire room of built in bookshelves filled 2 deep with Fantasy/Science Fiction novels. There was no way they would fit in my new apartment. And then there were the Paper & Pencil RPGs. And the board Games. I donated most of those to a local Boardgame/RPG group (around 150 good board games and around 10 or 20 full RPG collections from the 1980s/1990s)

I still have my favorite games, but the collection is much smaller now.

An unlikely thought occurs to me. The null is (at a small level at least) reality warper. If only for magic bending to suit the users whims and by proxy converges in ways that would be abnormal for general practicioners. I wonder if Phil has a subtle influence on magic, at least on earth, subconciously. That might be an interesting reason why some of the books are startlingly close to what Yuki is familiar with.

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