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Can I just say- I absolutely love the way Yuki has altered the perspective and focus of the series by just… being who she is, but within the space of the setting of Yosh! It’s been amazing to actually have her feature in one of the comics that used to be part of the Katbox outside of cameo appearances here and there, and in such a terrific way! She really feels like she’s stepped in from outside the narrative and yet feels completely at home, which is just so fitting both in-universe and without.

Granted, I’m just a casual reader and am not privy to whether Yuki and Sage were friends from before the Katbox days, nor for how long her involvement in the plot of Yosh! had been planned prior to her showing up, but I just had to say how amazing her inclusion has been for expanding the world and creating interpersonal dynamics that just couldn’t have existed otherwise.

I… freely admit that my gut reaction when I first saw Yuki outside Phil’s window, knowing her owner’s history with the Katbox and its affiliated creators, was that she would just be a fanservice cameo who would briefly pop by every few dozen comics when Sage felt like giving a nod to a friend (and also drawing a busty fox). I’m extremely happy that I was wrong in that reaction, because this is the most fun I’ve had reading Yosh in years and years. Thanks so much for what you guys do!

Thanks for the tipoff! I knew who Mihari was, but didn’t expect or know about the change. (As far as my googlefu seems to return a “Formally known as Mihari” – I’m thinking “formerly” for myself to better remember the change, but what do I know about the name preference here. Unless your comment insisting on Yuki covers that too?)

I don’t know them personally, but as an outside observer it seems that they are actively trying to leave behind the Mihari persona, so I go out of my way not to use that name. I don’t pretend to understand the way they think or the things they’ve been through to get to the point they’re at today, but the least I can do is conform to what they call themselves when referring to them.

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