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Ah, the drawbacks of a perfect memory and a long attention span. At least she has Kate to comfort her, even if the intrusive thought that Kate’s desire/propensity to hug attractive women may be part of the cat instinct to pounce on prey finding a moderated outlet (joking of course but boy that opened a rabbit hole my brain was quick to jump down about nature vs. nurture and how the complex could probably use a host of licensed therapists). I’m still curious just what will come from this and how this may play in with magic’s warning, perhaps the flow of energies would NOT appreciate a crystal sphere approach and it could have disastrous effects if implemented. That seems possible given how magic seems to feel protective of Phil and the fact that there’s obviously some sentience involved in what’s going on around him where it could be that the null is somewhat of a twisted blessing and curse at the same time so expanding it could have unintended consequences.

I’m also curious if Yuki is going to be a recurring element in Kate/Phil’s lives and be something of an aunt to their kids (who probably had the most complicated “my family” reports in their entire class in elementary school) or if she’ll say her farewells when she’s done and that will be that. I’m kinda assuming the former because they’ve made quite the unusual nexus of power/influence but given most of them are operating on human lifespans this isn’t much more than a blip in celestial scales which also means Yuki may just stay on assignment until they pass on as well and continue to be absolutely confused by human randomness.

I wouldn’t put it past someone to troll Yuki by asking if Truck-kun is a celestial on assignment or just a free agent, assuming Yuki doesn’t just ask about it after being wildly confused by seeing a reference to it online.

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