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Birthday 2023 Filler!

Birthday 2023 Filler! published on 8 Comments on Birthday 2023 Filler!

Compression on this picture is gonna hurt me on sites like Twitter and BlueSky XD. I actually went back and changed all the text to White/Black Black/White – originally I was using hair color- but 2 characters with Red hair- man, artifacts created by compression on red is so bad…

Anyways! Yep! I got to nerd out for my birthday. This also took way too much time to do for a filler… Oh! Even though today is my birthday I will still be streaming tonight at 8pm EST over at!
Higher Res no text version of this will go up on the Patreon page soon!


Neat, btw do you play BG3?

Ooooh, yeah I’ve played it a bit. I’ve beaten it 4 times start to finish, 100% the achievements, and learned enough about how to make my own mod for it to add in some stuff for a 5th playthrough with my friend Yuki. I’ve also started about 6 other games of it just trying out stuff for fun and made it to act 3 on half of those. So- yeah- I play a bit. Prior to BG3 I was a huge fan of BG2, probably until BG3, BG2 was my favorite video game of all time. Above Monster Hunter, above any Final Fantasy – Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, the Shantae series- I loved the Neverwinter Nights series too but it wasnt quite up to BG2.

Happy (belated) Birthday!

I think most reasonable DMs would be fine with the swap of mace/longsword given that warhammer is an option and the “1d8 damage one-handed weapon” is a pretty standard starter for most front liners and that I can think of more cases where having slashing is more a detriment than blugeoning (say skeletal undead or some constructs vs. something like gas spores). Speaking of I really like the idea of a twilight cleric of Elistraee as it fits and she’s one of my favorite goddesses from a lore perspective for her willing exile from Arvandor and the Seladrine to be a positive influence apart from her mother and brother despite her father offering her a pardon for being an unwitting participant in Lloth’s plot and also for the flavor of worship and the unique nature of her blessings (they have some of the coolest unique spells for their order).

I also like how Nafena (pr na-fin-a or na-feen-a?) goes for a paler skintone and more pearlescent look for her eyes and hair which makes me wonder if it was a just a flavor thing because you liked how it looked or if it is a sign of her patron’s blessing. I’m also a bit curious if she was born into the clergy or if she converted at some point (which is an interesting hook given how jealous Lloth is and how most cities/enclaves under her influence operate).

Really this whole bit of the plot has me wondering if they’ll repurpose the VR tech as a means of projecting themselves to other worlds or if some element of those worlds is already bleeding over through the magical nature of how the power running them is generated because even for AI and using wiki content some parts of that adventure seemed a bit too self-aware for something not born/cultivated like Nami and the rest of the girls (which also brings up if there’s a Data/Moriarty plot waiting in the wings for Phil to nerd out about, though honestly it’d be nice to see someone else be the massive sci-fi nerd).

Well I had better leave that there as I didn’t intend for my rambles about comic to drift quite this long, once again happy belated birthday and thank you for the excellent comic.

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