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I always wonder about people packing up stuff to ship out, they see what you are buying, they see you need it like RIGHT NOW. What are they thinking? Is it just- “ha- someone is browsing late while hungry or stoned” or “Wow, someone really needed trash bags but doesn’t want to just go to their local store.” or in this case “Wow, someone has huge tits and likes silly yet lewd things. Only people who know what it is will get it-“


“Sorry I overwhelmed you with all those incomprehensible references, so here have some shirts with incomprehensible references I’ll need to explain to you to understand.”
Sounds like Phil alright. Though from what we’ve seen of Yuki I think she’ll like the innuendo / joke / double meaning behind the designs once it is explained to her.

Next day delivery isn’t really a big deal anymore, with Amazon its more like the default. With prime your options are often free next day delivery or upping it to priority…. which is just next day delivery as well.
15-20 years ago I would would ask what the rush was, but now its to normal to infer they rushed it.

Depends on where you live. Even when my deliveries are supposed to be 2 day, they often take 4 or more. I usually can’t even choose next day delivery for anything but pizza.

Ah your the total opposite, here its pretty much always the next day, but pizza, pizza never shows up. They always just mark it as delivered and take it for themselves. Or like last time where they just chucked the box out the window onto the sidewalk in the rain. I expect them to do the typically drive by to lie to the gps so had my phone out recording. Showed the vid to the manager, and despite it he couldn’t even fire the driver because they use doordashers and doordash just kept sending that guy their way.

One neat trick is to order with card payment at the door. The delivery person can’t take it, otherwise it gets marked as not delivered and if the order is not paid with your card, then it’s also card fraud, which is actually a crime. So they either deliver it in time (delivery time marked by the card transaction) or get the price (and the customer compensation) deducted from their salaries and if they do it too many times, they won’t be employed by anyone else as they’ll get blacklisted.

Also where i live (EU) many food deliveries, including pizzas get stickered and stamped on the packaging by the restaurant to prevent tampering with the food during transit. (like lacing it and other stuff or just taking anything out)

Next day deliveries are a hit and miss though here. Some companies could do it, even same day ones, while for others it can take from 2 days to 2 weeks. It depends on when they could process the order and which delivery method they use and how many hops along the delivery chain is their storage depot. From Amazon Japan to my european door is around 3 to 4 days if the national post office is not involved. If it gets involved by accident, then more like 3 to 4 weeks.

For non perishable items, the most common method here is to package points and package boxes. Both allow payment with card at the time of delivery and most of these locations allow posting packages too, so you can send packages to other people, not just receive them. This is good for the companies as the delivery trucks are not completly empty on their way back. Sometimes i think we do live in the (really near) future and we only seriously lack the cute AI robot girls and the cat/fox girls…

This likely depends on where in EU you live, here in Sweden the immediate food delivery, almost any restaurant food takes typically 0.5 – 1 hour from the app order, is not sealed (but warm). We do have a high level of trust and competition between delivery services.

We don’t have next-day deliveries though, the state owned postal service is on a more than 2 work days schedule. Payment is typically the “Swish” app if you trust the delivery, or through trust companies that takes a small fee from the sender and delay your payment (or not) until after delivery. But the real awful service is when you order from UK, since it takes them 2 weeks to get it into EU and to your package box. Ironically the primary reason they wanted out was immigration phobia but currently they have much more immigration workers from further abroad to make up for cutting out EU workers and they still can’t do a decent job.

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