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Are pants really -needed-? Panel three is fine. It’s FINE!

It’s fine. For these occasions I’m glad that Sage – or Yuki – decided to downsize her butt compared to her initial form tryout.

Or perhaps I’m misjudging her proportions, I could never get a handle on her ass. (Not that I wouldn’t like to grope my way to an understanding, if she would let me … 🦊)

You know, her knowing what the icon means doesn’t really help the problem, case and point Kate instantly thought it was a only fans shirt and needed the detail of the fox tails to be pointed out and explained. The parody part of the shirt is both subtle and not self explanatory, so most who see it will think only fans, if they know only fans, but next to no one will realize its only foxes. So realistically best case they don’t know what only fans is, else a explanation is required.

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