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This isn’t specific to this page or anything, but- I love the effect you use for Yuki’s hair, Sage. It really looks like it shimmers with metallic/ephemeral color in a gorgeous way and it comes off as looking almost effortless in execution. It just adds an extra touch of loveliness to her already incredibly lovely design x3

So OnlyFans seems known for promoting prostitution – human trafficking – and Blue’s personal chosen excuse is that it can “help those [likely then adolescent] girls get into college”!? I get why Blue is only concerned with girls, but I don’t get why her morals are the suddenly worst. Are we back to Blue coming off as badly behaved!?

The heck are you talking about? Why would you assume an adult website has non adults on it and why would you assume Blue is targeting them? It’s a common joke that some girls become strippers to pay for college. It’s not a great concept but it is a running joke for a very long time. Any adult site that involves putting people in contact with people for sexual purposes runs the risk of creating an environment to promote prostitution and any operations that have prostitution can have sex trafficking. That said, that all exists regardless of only fans. It seems that if we look at data from only fans, women who use it are happier and safer than they were when doing the same work without the platform. Nothing is ever perfect. But having supportive horny people like Blue rather than actual creeps trying to get you to move in with them in another country is vastly preferred. You can argue that porn or adult entertainment is bad, sure, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist and that it can’t be used in good ways. Her morals hasn’t changed. Your assumption changes when you view something she supports as wrong. Which is fine. I’m aware that some companies do bad things and I still support them because I believe they provide more benefit than harm and when they don’t I stop supporting them.

Well, I can return the question.

First I searched “OnlyFans” and the return was that it was a site that mainly promotes prostitution. And where I live supporting prostitution is a crime* and also considered part of human trafficking. Where it takes place or if it involves moving is not part of that consideration, and if it is involuntary human trafficking is considered slavery. In that context Blue’s rationale is problematic regardless of the cultural setting.

The rest of the context can be a topic for a long analysis, but wasn’t anything I considered.

*IIRC prostitutes are not jailed, it is the rest that is prosecuted – buyers, promoters, et cetera. It is a successful legislation too, articles has noted that other nations in EU has started to consider adopting it.

The site allows women, men, and enbies to show/perform sexual acts on camera for their audience. This is less “prostitution” and more “sex worker making on-demand porn”.

I won’t attempt to challenge your misconceptions of other sex work, mostly on the grounds I am not qualified to discuss such topics. I would suggest looking a little further than a simple google search if you want to have a less superficial view of this topic. I would highly suggest the channel Sexplanations (they have several videos on sex work).

You seem to misunderstand the website and prostitution then. OnlyFans doesn’t promote prostitution. No adult sites do. No dating sites do. As you said, that would be illegal in most places, even most of the US. They promote people selling adult material that they create. They also sell experiences, though none of it is strictly meeting people in real life. The majority is photos, videos, messages. That said- any communication and exchange of money can be used facilitate prostitution. Facebook was used to setup prostitution, MySpace, CraigsList, all of it. It was not it’s soul purpose.

Onlyfans is a double edged sword- but let’s look at what it does. It gives a place for people to make adult content for money. It makes it possible for them to do it for themselves, without having to rely on others. Who were those others usually? Pimps, and human traffickers. They would find women who couldn’t do things on their own, and take advantage of them. Onlyfans makes it easy enough that they can choose to go into the field, without going into that particular line of work. It provides a measure of safety that they didn’t have before.

It’s not perfect. People still find find ways to abuse things, people are adaptable like that. Still, online transactions are much easier to track, and much harder to hide. If traffickers are using Onlyfans to communicate with victims, there’s records of it, IP data, credit card numbers, witnesses, and photos. Everything you need to find those people. So to stop that- they have to take things elsewhere. To places that don’t care about the safety of the people that use their service.

You want to label Blue as a bad character because they use a site, without knowing how they use it. It’s similar to saying “you watch Live Streams on Twitch? That is that place that promotes women to walk around topless and video themselves in hot tubs in bikinis! You disgusting pervert!”. You don’t know what the site has, or does. The majority are certainly selling nude photos of themselves, but there are some that do more artistic nudes- not actually showing “bits”. Some only sell cute photos, sexy cosplay, short videos of affirmation, and kind words. Some for kinks, some just because people are lonely.

I gave some hints in this comic. Kate knows one of the people Blue follows, and what do they mention? Their sexy photos? Their lewd videos? No- the fact they sell coffee and make good money on requests. What kind of requests? It could be anything right? Assume the best or the worst, probably depends on what you think of the website I guess. I expect eventually Onlyfans will become an unsafe place for sex work. All the articles and people crying that sex is evil will win – and all they will have done is created more of what they say they don’t want. Safer places will vanish, illegal groups will pick up those left behind.

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