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oh my oh my, just missing the elf ears

that’s Psylocke from X-Men, she’s lesser known due to the movies

XD Thank you. Red Sash with a big X on it, blue outfit, blue gloves, blue nonsense double straps – Kaylin might wear a similar bodysuit, but the material, color, coverage, is all quite different.

do gotta ask.. any worries the Psylock outfit might cause trouble for when the comic is being sold? I absolutely adore the image, but Disney is Disney so I wanted to voice my worry.

Even if Disney tried to argue against Fair Use (a fictional character cosplaying as another fictional character from a different universe), the outfit as Kate is wearing it is generic enough that Kate could pass herself off as any random samurai or ninja if she was so inclined rather than saying she’s trying to dress as a rather obscure X-men character.

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