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It would be the alas of her life in that she’s buried more friends and children that are dear to her than mortals.

Hang on… All kinds of religious stuff has been confirmed “real” in this world, but is this the first actual confirmation that the afterlife exists?

No this was confirmed a while ago. Yuki and the Atlantian are both from the Celestial realm, which is confirmed to be the edge of the universe (in all directions) and is where souls go. The celestials create a home for them- the afterlife, that lets them re-experience their life, meet with people who have passed or their memories, while certain things are extracted from those souls that is used to power defenses against the outsiders. Once the souls reach a point they are no longer efficient to grab this resource from, they are released back into the universe to reincarnate, build up again, and return to the celestial realm and the cycle repeats. How much the soul retains is in question but she did say they can retain memories, but she didn’t say exactly how. It’s possible some may be given a choice on what to take with them when they begin the cycle, while some may wish for a clean slate or to be free of unpleasant memories.

As for religious stuff, in Yosh! all religions have a purpose, but most have been warped and skewed with time. Their original goals were to help people find their spiritual selves. Find a deeper connection with things beyond their world to expand themselves. They helped people with things that troubled them and helped them find peace and happiness. This enriches the soul and makes it more valuable to the celestial realms, but they can really use any experience. So long as people enrich their lives, expand their creativity, and experience a wide range of emotional highs and lows, all of these build on the soul. Spirits, monsters, ghouls and supernatural creatures of all kinds did exist and modern games just so happen to do the best at keeping information about these creatures alive. Where once you could only hear about them in stories and books, now we have entire books dedicated to listing out many monsters with their strengths and weaknesses. Its not all always accurate, but the largest majority of creatures in the world are Goblins, which have no true form, they take on the forms of creatures from dreams and imaginations, often taking on those weaknesses and strengths as well. It might even be possible that a goblin could take on a form and last in it so long that they BECOME that creature. This might be how some far stranger creatures actually become their own species in the world.

I’m not an expert on superstition – well, actually a Pew article claims that non-superstitious on average knows more, so let’s cross our fingers and go with “relative expert”. But most of this game stuff isn’t the culture of known organized superstitions, is it!? (Unless you want to call game culture another one, which definitely seems wrong.) Maybe we need to use “quasi-religious” – roughly meaning ‘having resemblance in attributes’ I take it – here?

In a similar manner then it could be “quasi-confirmation”.

Honestly…that kinda feels like cheating for the grief answer. For all intents and purposes, for her their death seems to amount to “they moved”. And considering her current residence in the Celestial Realm, they basically live in the same “neighborhood” now, meaning that if anything visits actually became **easier**.

Given her circumstances, death simply doesn’t mean the same thing to her that it means for most others. And the closer approximation for her would arguably be when/if any of them reincarnate as a clean slate, making them – presumably – an entirely different person in their next life.

Yeah that’s why she even has a bit of a melancholy look at the end. While she can track down the soul easy enough, if they have reincarnated they likely don’t remember her, and if they haven’t moved on they are in a state where, while happy, are kind of lost, reliving moments, but not really being able to experience much new. They can learn new things, meet new people, but those things lack the bonds created in life. So, while she can effectively meet with the ghosts, they feel like ghosts, something off about them, like they aren’t all there.

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