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tyvm for the explanation, it’s one of those things where my autism means I wouldn’t catch implications the characters do. And with it being your worldbuilding, it’s not a subtlety I can look up like less magically focused social mistakes.

Yuki is a smol dot. But lovely whichever age we imagine she has!

There’s a hentai with a very serious plot like that. The temple vixen falls in love with a young man and lives out his life with him but actually reveals when he dies that she’s in charge of the Book that determines the final rest of a soul. So she abuses her power to reincarnate him and meets him/her in all his countless lives, to the point that the universe dies and restarts and she’s still doing it. All framed as her telling the story to you, the reader, as the latest in an endless series of reincarnations of her perfect love.

I clearly got it all backwards — I expected the “other side” to move with almost infinite slowness when “releasing the soul’s burdens”, but from Yuki’s reaction to Phil’s guess, the souls of some or all of her friends and family have already reached the point of forgetting.

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