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Why do I think Yuki would like Lilith’s view of her?

Can Yuki actually make her eyes glow like that if she wants?

Hmm… a method to play into a person’s misconceptions to deceive them while teaching a lesson, can’t see why a Kitsune would like an opportunity like that. All joking aside there is a lot to unpack with the potential interactions between Yuki and Lilith and this session putting them into each other’s orbits should be interesting. Lilith really needs to learn not to antagonize everyone because she’s in a bit of a “big fish, small pond” scenario. Given her “small pond” would probably be something like the great lakes but there are some nasty sharks out there she wouldn’t want to tangle with and Yuki is a safer target than most to learn that from.

As for the glowing eyes effect, I’d say that there were a lot more complicated illusions during her fight with Emi so she may not have the power glow naturally in that particular color she could easily use illusion magic to do so.

Ah you can really see she is designed for combat. She is fully treating this a she would a real fight. I wonder how she will handle the rng of dice, the major luck factor can be very frustrating, especially for those who prep and strategize, and if they know how to fight for real, the shift of how much luck mattters vs skill, practice and planning, it can be just plain jarring. And her character is likly weaker than her in every way at this level.
Its also worth noticing the question marks, she doesn’t understand what a healer is fully, to her its a mechanic that repairs you outside the fight, magic she understands a bit more, and knows its capable of a lot of damage, but again just surface level stuff.
She has a brutal clash of hyper emotions, with a totally logic based mind and methodology. Here we are seeing her core mentality take hold, but she will get shaken from it quickly.

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