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This tactic is solid if you want to separate an enemy from the fight. You can then allow your allies to deal with dregs in the meanwhile. All tactics are judged based on perspective. Doesn’t take away from the main message here. Discuss tactics with your team before setting them in motion.

I think one of the best mods to be made is where individual experience points matter less than group experience points. That is, if you do something that only works with you, you don’t get as much experience from it as if you do something that works with the group.

I’ve always found that giving different amounts of Exp or rewards to different players is the best way to build resentment and cause division in a group. Players shouldn’t be punished for how they play but rather should be confronted by the consequences of their actions. Actions outside of the game are a different matter of course but I’d never punish a player by making the game worse for them, besides removing them from the game entirely if they are a real problem player.

I’ve noticed that as well over the years. A better route I’ve noticed is when a GM will give small rewards, ones not directly power based, for interesting behavior, excellent team activity or the like. Otherwise you end up with the quiet players lagging behind the more active players. Since the rewards are relatively minor and temporary in nature, they’re less likely to disrupt the flow of things. Not just that, but when you DO give a player such a reward it feels, well, rewarding!

One job I was at had something along those lines. If you really impressed the customer, you’d get an extra 15 minute lunch break. Not really a huge thing, but a nice little reward for excelling at your job.

As a consummate Warlock player(in 5E) I can understand the appeal of wanting to utilize Devil’s Sight and Darkness, but whenever I get Devil’s Sight it’s usually because of one, very singular reason. The DM has been spamming enemies that have Darkness, and half the time my allies don’t have anything that can counter it. Thus, instead of everyone being hindered, at least I can attempt to shut down the one who cast it. My current character is actually a Hexblade Warlock/Lycan Blood Hunter mix. So far it’s a 12/3 split. It’s pretty fun having my Dhampir swinging around a magical Greatsword like he’s Cloud.

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