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Oddly not the first ‘cleavage pocket dimension’ kind of trick I’ve seen. Aside the special bandages used by Natani from TwoKinds that was mentioned already, there is also Parfait from Grrl Power ( ).

Is Yuki enjoying a hot drink or a cold drink?

It’s full of ice! So gonna go with cold!

How does the magic function in close proximity to Phil? I know there is an aoe rough estimate for it somewhere. But wouldn’t she be well within that sphere?

its been stated that the proximity is hard to define. There is no “Radius feet from Phil” that can be measured for when magic stops functioning, and even beyond that, he can touch things without stopping their magic as well. It has a lot to do with if the magic deems something to be harmful. For example, if the pocket dimension contains a full set of D&D books, dice, a bag of chips and some soda/tea, it would likely not stop it from working at all. If inside of it was an explosive device- it would stop it from functioning within arms reach or perhaps 5-10 feet (2-3 meters) beyond that.

I get the sense that Sage is just reveling in the fact that he has a magical shortstack to draw shenanigans with

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