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how is that a bad nickname?

Sadoko is the ghost girl from the ring. I believe this is the same android that usually has terrifying eyes and looks like a ghost.

Genuinely thought is was about sadomasochism

Could be a bit of both. The Japanese (and weebs by extension) are fond of that sort of wordplay.

Can you really blame us, Japanese names are just so perfect for it, that they mash two words together to make a name, and in doing so give the name the combined meaning, its just perfect for wordplay. Vs western names were we are just being named after someone else typically and the name itself has no real meaning. Like my first name is Christopher, generic as hell, cant even use it often do to how common it is, and the short hand Chris is even more comon as other names also use it as their shorthand. And its meaning is just named after a saint. A system to allow both unique and meaningful names is so much better and fun.

I suspect that the tests with the ultrasonic eyes that prevented her from seeing her hair have ended, and she’s had her eyes returned to normal.

A side effect of the eyes was probably her pale skin colour lightening, or darkening to something she’s more comfortable with after the testing finished.

Page Sara was almost certainly introduced:
Page Sara showed up to warn Shieden about the attack by Lilith:
Page Sara’s name was first mentioned, to my knowledge: This page.

The eyes she has now are an updated version of the previous to make them less obvious- however- from far away it might be easy to mistake them for normal, up close- they are spirals.

They are mostly just a cosmetic improvement with the same functionality. As she has said before, she really likes the vision the prototype eyes gave her, enough that she puts up with a lot of the social issues, so the improvements are mostly to just make them more passable, but the sessor tech to make them work as efficiently as they do is difficult to hide in a natural looking eye without something extra exotic like holographic or illusion projections of normal eyes, which both can cause issues with the eyes unique functions so its a moot point.

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