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Hey, I’m not ashamed to say that I find the “one eye hidden by hair” look to be cute. I also think girls are usually cuter in glasses. Not always, but at least 95% of the time for me, on that second one. I don’t see the first enough in reality to actually have a firm opinion on how how it varies to normal looks.

At first I was surprised. “Was the therapist always this stacked?” I thought to myself. “I swear she has more boob than last time we saw her.” And so I went on a journey of research, back a whole- 15 comics, wow, I thought it had been longer- and yes, she absolutely was packing just as much heat last time we saw her, it was just less obvious because her top was patterned. I don’t know how I managed to Mandela Effect my way into remembering a character’s appearance incorrectly when it’s only been, like, a month and a half since we’ve seen her, but there we are. x3

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