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#2696 published on 18 Comments on #2696

Legit just working on so much stuff. I’m going to sleep now but here’s the comic XD
I wanted to do this quick thing with the ice cream to cut away from the seriousness because – that’s Yosh! It’s a mix of both strange magical concepts and crazy fantasy mixed with reality, and also just how people focus on the strangest things even when they are dealing with some bigger than life things. I also love calling back to Yuki not knowing some things still about the world seeing as she was last on Earth in the late 1860s and bubblegum- was created in the 1920s…
ALSO – I personally learned how to make ice cream because none of the stores around where I live have bubblegum ice cream anymore. The Ice Cream Parlor in my area has it SOMETIMES but very rarely, and they put bubblegum pieces in it. So – I learned how to make it myself without the bubblegum! It’s great! I used to have it as a kid all the time… I’m gonna make some more soon – Summer is coming.

Streaming tonight over at at 8pm!


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