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@ Yuki: The internet didn’t make that saying weird. Porn did, though the internet made the line’s weirdness more readily available knowledge.

It is weird to say to someone unrelated even under the comic’s context. (Or at least it would be in my cultural context applied to that. I’m not sure which is most generic here.)

Would “If you want, I can adopt you” also be weird to say, even in context? Because that’s what I believe is closer to the intended implication than what current common interpretation would be.

I feel like it’s mostly porn & smut dirtying the specific words of “Mommy” and “Daddy” alongside any connotations of indirect parenthood (that is, not either biological or legal parenthood) that made the sentence problematic. Especially since the “turns dirty” usage of those words is, at it’s earliest, around 11 years old. As in, it starts being creepy when the words “Mommy” or “Daddy” are used by anyone at or above the age of 11, with it being full-on creepy by the age of 14. With it turning from “creepy” to “acceptable in porn/smut/other” when used by people around the age of 19 and older (when used with others that age).

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