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Sorry for the late post. Lost progress right near the end of finishing it up and had to recolor almost the entire thing. Text wasn’t checked, so if you notice anything, please let me know in the comments. I will fix it as soon as I wake up. Currently- hard to read what I am typing right now, much less check my writing for the comic. o_o

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I mean, if Shiden is a god, isn’t that the appropriate time to build a religion around someone?

Ehhh~ *waggles hand*
I am reminded of a deity described in ‘Feet of Clay’ as giving his followers’ commandments that boiled down to “work fruitfully all your days and don’t make trouble”. He was quite popular with his followers, who died out over the course of a series of truly hideous holy wars. They wouldn’t stop fighting until everyone worshipped their god or they died.
Even if Shiden is on average an okay sort of person, he’s got a ruthless side. Imagine his gynoids, who are stronger, faster and more durable than humans, not just appreciating him as their creator, but outright worshipping him as their god. How long until one of them decides to follow the example he set when dealing with his enemies, and goes completely overboard? Or how long until the gynoids go through a schism between those who worship Shiden as a god and those who see him as simply a brilliant, but flawed man?

Not sure deified is the word you want in the second panel. By context it seems you want a word that means “approved by God”; endorsed or consecrated might be better choices.

Deify – worship, regard, or treat (someone or something) as a god.
Consecrate – to make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicate to the service of a deity
So – His soul is “treated as a god” would be Deified.
His soul is “declared sacred or dedicated to the service of a deity”.
I can see consecrated working to a point but it doesn’t function if you assume they are dedicated to an god. I think Deified works best.

That’s going to be difficult to hide from Toyoko for whatever a robot girl’s lifetime is. Especially since Yuki probably needs to have a long talk with Shiden about his new status and obligations…

Or maybe not, if Shiden has already accepted in full the responsibilities that go with creating the robot girls. Considering them his children and taking care of them as such (which he seems to do) probably meets his worldly obligations to them, leaving just his spiritual duties towards his creations. Could Yuki take over their spiritual requirements, say by letting any member of the Android gossip network know that their souls are real and that they qualify for the hereafter and eventual reincarnation?

It honestly isn’t going to be hard to hide. Shieden may have a deified soul, but that doesn’t extend to his body, and he will still die of old age. So long as everyone we know who knows, in other words the three of them in this room, keep quiet, hiding it from Toyoko is simple enough. The only worry is someone else who can spot souls, potentially such as that jerk on the cloud from Yuki’s introduction, coming along and sharing the information unintentionally.

That is to say, I can see a future chapter where “the old man” (since he wasn’t given a name) comes to deliver a message to Yuki & Phil, only to angrily yell at Yuki asking about who is tearing out souls to put them in mechanical bodies, right infront of Toyoko.

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