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The list behind her is a rough tier list and array of deity ranking that I didn’t spend a bunch of time on! XD So don’t nitpick it too much- but feel free to try and make your own. The categories though are Aspects – These are the embodiment of natural forces (magic is natural in this universe) so things like a Manifestation of Time, Space, Gravity, Darkness, Light, etc etc. Then there are the Imagined ones, which are deities created by the imaginations of those with souls. They eventually collectively manifested gods and made their power so great they became real, some of them may have already existed and fit the imagined beings and evolved into even more powerful beings. Then we have extremely powerful beings just known as Powers, Powers are the ancient dragons that ascended beyond their normal selves, Kitsunes that have gathered magical power for thousands of years, and Godzilla. That one is a joke, y’all know that one on there is a joke right? O_O If you believe too hard it will be real O_O


It may be a good idea to reformat Yuki’s line a bit, for clarity. Your detailed description helps, but if one doesn’t read that, it’d be pretty easy to get confused by the existing sentence structure.

I’d suggest:
All other beings that reach the level of “divinity” fall into three categories: Aspects of the Universe, like manifestations of universal concepts; the Imagined; and the Powers. I’m a Power.

She would never call herself “A Power” though- she’s a Kitsune, all of the creatures that reach a power making them basically a Deity are what they are. They aren’t a special being known as a power, while an aspect IS a special being that IS an aspect. An Imagined is almost seen as an insult, but it is what they are, they were created by souls and given their power to be deities.

If you could point out where the confusion is that might help. I haven’t seen where people are confused and I personally wrote it so it’s very hard for me to not understand it. I would need quite a bit of time to pass to be able to read it as if it were new to my eyes, and those I’ve asked to read it to check for clarity have all understood it as written without extra context.

My own confusion about what you meant by “power” comes from the wording being ambiguous. Now that you’ve explained, I finally get what you actually meant by the final element of Yuki’s spoken list, and can suggest a more appropriate rewrite:

“All other gods fall into three categories: Aspects of the Universe, like manifestations of universal concepts; the Imagined; and those with enough power to be achieve divinity. I’m that last one.”

Here’s why I’m suggesting each part of this rewrite:

Due to comics using ALL CAPS dialog, you can’t make it clear in-page that “Imagined” is a title. Phrasing that list element as “the Imagined” is necessary to make it clear that Yuki is talking about a group of deities, rather than just saying a past-tense verb in a place that makes no sense for a past-tense verb to appear.

The “those with enough power to be considered divine” rewrite avoids the ambiguous wording in that last list element. Without “those with”, that sentence fragment lacks a subject, and loses enough meaning to become confusing. An alternative to the final part could be “those with enough power to be considered divine”.

Also note the semicolons, which are necessary list-separators because the first element in the list contains a comma. You could also do this, though using parenthesis in dialog is pretty unusual:

“All other gods fall into three categories: Aspects of the Universe (like manifestations of universal concepts), the Imagined, and those with enough power to be achieve divinity. I’m that last one.”

Hmm; Yuki for some time, has been talking about this stuff in a way, that implies the gods do not 100% understand, the underlying mechanics of their universe, or even souls. I’m slowly getting the impression that the “eternal” souls the gods refer to, merely are the ones that are part of the reincarnation cycle they regulate (maybe some of the “outsiders” that appear without warning, are actually souls from the same universe?)

And, that isn’t even touching on the “demi plane” the main cast created for fun. Yuki is probably going to be driven up a wall when she finds out, due to all the implications. especially since I suspect, that the principles that allow Shiden to make souls, would allow for artificial planes to be created, as well.

attempt 4 at leaving a comment.

If the comment thing detects a message from a new person or someone using a new email or whatever it almost always sets the comment to manual approval. Then if they keep posting a bunch it will block assuming it’s a bot (I think the number of messages is like 10+ in a set amount of time – not sure might be a bit lower). Manual approval is really slow right now though because my sleep schedule is wack! Working on it! XD

You’ve had messages approved now though so long as you are using the same name and such it shouldn’t hold them!

thanks. I had wondered if it was blocking me for small posts or obscure words, at first; hence, why I have a few more post than intended. Then, I looked up Akismet, and noticed that it tends to send people to a manual approval bin. So I stopped posting so as to not clutter up the bin.

Can we get a raw of the page. I’m legitimately interested to see what your list of power scaling looks like.

No. What you can see behind the bubble- It’s Blank! IT WAS ALL A FACADE! XD I didn’t have time to make a full list XD

Reprehensible, my yearning for lore has yet to be sated. </3
Jokes aside, I get it. Showing it'd just stir up the community of powerscalers. Best to let them lie dormant until the apocolypse. So they'll be rested and ready for commentary on how unrealistic it is that Cthullu loses to Kratos or something.

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