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Well, of course no religion is going to have it 100% right, even if the root belief is founded in reality. The holy texts we have today are the victim of translation upon translation upon translation, done by human hands, all prone to error, misunderstanding, corruption, pressure from outside sources, and agendas, self-serving or otherwise.

Plus, since the original context is perhaps centuries removed from the guy doing the translation and interpretation, what’s supposed to be taken literally, what’s supposed to be a fable or metaphor, and what’s sarcasm or hyperbole in order to demonstrate a point, can only be guessed at, at best.

This is why fanatics are always so bothersome. As a character in Farscape once said “Religion is a hallowed experience that uplifts the soul. Religious followers… that’s a different story.”

“…none *is* 100% correct.”


In that sentence, “none are” is grammatically correct.
In fact, none is an unusual noun, in that it can be either singular or plural based more on how the sentence is intended to feel than on any grammar rule – none basically always refers to one or several of a group, based solely on intention, and the verb controls the plurality.
“None are” emphasizes the group that don’t qualify.
“None is” emphasizes the singular requirement that is not met.

“None of the suits are” emphasizes that there are multiple suits.
“None of the suits is” emphasizes that only 1 suit is needed.

Oh a ” zeus couldnt keep it in his pants” situatuon

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