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#2692 published on 14 Comments on #2692

“And with that, there were no more mysteries in the world and all was at peace. A terrible terrible boring peace where nothing good, and nothing bad happened. A purgatory of our own making. With naught yet to inspire us into new and wonderful things, we just accepted existence, and accepted our end… Now, how was that, Children?”
“Grandpa, are you tired of telling stories? I feel like you kinda ended that one like- really hard so you don’t leave room for a sequel…”
“Nonsense! Well… Anyways… I’ll be going now… forever!” *Grandpa throws a smoke bomb and vanishes.*
“I don’t think Grandpa likes us…” Said the child that had a grandfather that didn’t really care for grand kids-
I should get some sleep, even my comments are turning into random weird stories.


the answer is 42.

Ok, so I’ve read this page a few times and it suddenly hit me this time that the too -> to probably wasn’t intended as a side joke, but might actually be a mistake. I think my reaction MIGHT be a side effect of me being a self masking autistic person for over 30 years…

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