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You know… this all makes me curious as to how long Yuki (the person, not the character) has been involved with the writing of Yosh. Yuki (the character) comes in and effortlessly ties together events in the comic that have taken place over the course of years, all while feeling like a perfectly natural fit within the universe and story of Yosh. It makes me wonder how long all of the illuminating things Yuki has been explaining were planned in advance before being shown in the comic, itself.


IIRC Magic and souls are similar if not the same, just that a soul forms by magic and experience of a “self” .

Delete/cleanse that experience and you can siphon the energy off. Before the Storys reemergence of magic, it wasnt available to people, since then shiden basically made superadvanced sentient robots powered exclusively by magic energy.

This would likely count as just making a soul.

Which begs the question, why didnt the celestials notice the Orchalium on earth as a massive energy spike, or react to it?

Because it may not have caused a massive energy spike. If anything, it’s more likely that the orichalcum, animal-people and monster’s creation mitigated the energy spikes from the release of the four elements from their bindings, which, in turn, already had Earth on a higher energy level than standard.

Basically, it can be argued that one of the Law of Conservation of Energy is in play here, even if we’re paying attention to Magical Energy. Before, all the magical energy was an Element’s Potential Energy, or was being used to ensure that the Elements were sealed. Releasing the Elements allowed the Potential Energy to be released and produced Monsters, Animal People and gave people access to magic, sure. But all of the previously Active Energy that was being used to seal them transitioned into more potential forms, making magical minerals such as orichalcum valuable again.

All in all, releasing the Elements allowed the previously Potential Elemental Energies transition into Active Elemental Energies, while the Active Sealing Energies transitioned into Passive Mineral Energies. It would be more akin to having a pair of lights setup on a singular switch so that one is always on and one is always off. Flipping the switch changes which light is on, but the amount of constant energy stays relatively the same, though there would be a rapid blip of energy at the point of transition that is effectively over in a hundredth of a second (assuming it does work the same way as the light-bulb in the analogy).

Then Shidon took those Passive Mineral Energies and slowly worked out how to use them for things. While this would result in a gradual increase in Active Energy, it’s gradual instead of rapid, and if they look they’ll just see that Magic has been reintroduced to Earth, so that’s expected as people learn or develop their ability to tap into the energy anyway. Doesn’t seem to me like there’s any reason to look at Shiden’s factories from that.

The only reason Yuki is looking at the Android Girls so closely is because she’s not a innately born Celestial, because she knows that they’re being made from nothing, and because Phil is here and finding out the secrets behind the Null is important to every race that is inherently made of magical energy.

Iirc, all this from a man Phil converted by having him watch Chobits. It’s kinda hilarious really.

It’s weird to think that we might have gotten a Shiden much closer to Cain if not for Phil’s intervention, which would have had ripple effects throughout the entirety of Yosh’s story and world. Phil really is the man who stumbled upward and dragged everyone else with him. He might be better at keeping his footing these days, but his lackadaisical manner has certainly benefited the world at large more than most aspects of him.

Sometimes the person who ends up driving the story is the one who has the least interest in power or authority. They’re just living their lives, and their simple honest actions end up being more potent than any extreme power grabs.

From a tabletop perspective, sometimes you have that player who does something different, not to be contrarian, but because the idea seems cool. They create a character concept that ends up being a driving force, all while being unaware that in their footsteps, change follows. I’d know, I’ve been that player. I never do it on purpose, though I know I have a tendency to do that.

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