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She is not instilling in me confidence towards the celestials. In fact, I’m getting total vibes of “organization that came across one solution a million years ago, had a big hoopla about changing it nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred years ago, coming up with a slightly less horrendous solution, and have been patting themselves on the back for it ever since without any updates and have built their entire civilization on the slightly-less-bad-idea for so long that trying something better seems almost incomprehensible.

I mean, that’s kinda how the Celestials are. When Phil was defending Axel from them, they just kept flinging themselves at him despite Phil stopping them over and over. When Naoko goes to the Celestial Realm, she finds that all the Celestials are, in essence, like machines. They have specific jobs and only know one way to do things, unless instructed to do it another way. They don’t really have anything in the way of creativity, depending on non-Celestials to provide much-needed flexibility to the otherwise overly rigid Celestial system.

I just wonder, what would happen if let’s say a meteor hits earth and literally causes not just the extinction for humans but also all life in earth. Like what would be the celestial’s back up plan if they just suddenly get a large influx of souls that have appeared but then stop coming? Did they ever consider that?

As a bit of an authority on this, I can assure you they have several ways of dealing with this. First of all, they generally prevent such events from occurring. The second, if you have a look at the bit written by the author under the comic, it says that the souls don’t always return to the same world, just return to the same universe. This implies that there must be other worlds in said universe or other places creatures live, for them to continue the cycle. The sudden influx is not a big deal either, as even if every soul required 1km square of space of it’s own, the circumference of the entire edge of the universe would easily eclipse all the livable space of all the planets in said universe.

Generally speaking, if the question is “Did they ever consider-” the answer is yes. They have been around for billions of years. Their job is to defend the universe from outside threats and have managed to do so for all of that time with few major incursions. Now, they aren’t all knowing, all understanding. They have to constantly rework how they understand different creatures and people while keeping up with their rapidly changing methods of many kinds. Which is why generally they have a few people assigned to each location where it is just their job to do that, and do their best to just never directly interfere if possible, because the system, while messy at times, generally works. People create experiences, they try to live the best lives as they can, they eventually die, their souls make the journey to the celestial realms, a lot of those experiences get syphoned off or recorded into the celestial realm where teams take the new information to see if there is anything to learn from it, and the rest goes into a reactor of sorts to change that part of the soul into power the defense systems. The- Freshly Sheered souls then return to a world within the universe to start anew, most of the time.

Whenever a situation occurs on a world that requires celestial aid or even is seen as a threat, an emissary is provided to help facilitate repairs and study as well as diplomatic presence to aid in the adjustments. The Earth in Yosh! Has required an unusually high amount of attention due to it’s extremely high and abnormal levels of magical power, and for it’s number of incursions and even the creation of a parallel demon world. It’s an odd blue gem in a universe full of gems.

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