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Yuki is easily amused. Phil is easily amused. Let’s see how high the shipping rates are! 🚢

Meanwhile we get to know more about the Realm, the sole soul resort for Celestials.

Did you mean to draw her arm like that? I mean, it looks like she’s sticking it inside the kimono from the top, with no sleeve.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say. If she didn’t have her arms in the sleeves, the sleeve would just go straight down, but you can see the sleeve (and her arm in it) is going under her breasts. The white to blue gradient goes from the sleeve end to the shoulder. If she just had her arm under her boobs you would not see that blue, or the gold at the end of the sleeve, you would be able to clearly see her obi holding her Kimono on.

Just a thought this evening, they do probably have a way for Phil to experience the Celestial Realm and what it’s like. It’s quite likely they can hook Yuki into that virtual reality setup of theirs and using her experiences and memories create a virtual simulation of that realm that Phil could then interact with.

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