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Considering how quickly she seduced Kalish, I don’t think she has that much room to complain about anything the internet has done with ara ara.

You say that like it’s a difficult thing to seduce the Demoness…

It’s not difficult to get Demoness into bed, but it’s a bit more tricky to seduce HER instead of being seduced or played by her. It’s basically the difference between leading the experience, or being lead into the experience. And, given some of the stories Demoness has given, being lead into the experience could be either a trap or a differently fun time.

That last line is specifically referencing the time she seduced a groom at his wedding and invited him out back, only to be with his bride making out with the Demoness. I don’t know how that encounter ended, but it could easily either get the newly married couple fighting, or cause a threesome.

I dont get why you are explaining all this to me… o_O

The initial part is because my interpretation of your work (aka, this comic) & prior statement had a partial disagreement, and because when I reply to something, I try ensure that I give full details. Also, even if you wrote it, there’s no guarantee that you remember the thing I’m referring to, or even think about it specifically based on what I wrote.

I’m sorry if my replies seem condescending or obnoxious, though.

I know my work pretty well but it is certainly a thing to forget things from time to time! XD I certainly do, but I am pretty good at keeping up with the personalities and abilities of my characters. Though- depending on how you define certain terms personally it can cause some misunderstandings. When I say “seduce” i mean convince her to have sex. She’s pretty open AND it’s one of her ways of obtaining sustenance. Some “meals” are more filling for her, so the story about how she seduced a groom only to have her catch his fiancé with the demoness- in that example shes doing the seducing, not being seduced so it’s not a fitting example? At least not for what I thought you were bringing it up for.

I don’t see seduction as a trick one plays on another or reverses it on the other or anything like that. I think of it as a form of flirting, with the intent of getting into an “intimate situation”. It’s only a bad thing IMO when the seduction is used to wear someone down and tricking them- but I have a different word for that! So i think of seduction as like – Aggressive Flirting. If Someone does that to the Demoness, shes often going to go for it because she has little to lose. Most people aren’t bad or evil, even people that come across as jerks and if she can get a small snack out of it and have some fun, she’s generally for it. More importantly for her though- is how it affects her friendly relationships.

So, like i said, its not difficult to seduce the demoness, it’s just seduction how I see it – is not a trick. It would be very hard to TRICK the demoness into sex XD

I searched for different senses of “ara ara” and while it is just one personal opinion an indigenous speaker vlog (taught the acronym for Japanese adult videos and) mentioned that in its original form isn’t used between adults. It is typically what a parent says to a child after a mishap. “Oh, no’!”

Yuki may be misusing it, or she uses the modern alternate and then “complains” about its existence. Which I wouldn’t put past her…

I was avoiding mentioning this but I cant stop myself in my hyper tired state-
“Typically what a parent says to a child after a mishap” Is EXACTLY what she’s getting at. It’s condescending Adult Yuki vs Baby Phil (She’s thousands of years old). It is often used in that way of “oh my oh my-!” and was a very simple saying – kind of like how people in USA south will call people “darlin'” – and i mean anyone, man, woman, child, regardless of age- you can have an old man call another old man darlin’ in the south and to some people that seems really weird but- its not how they mean it. Words in all languages have interesting uses and meanings. I heard recently that some European sayings in French and German (and I assume others!) have some direct translation having to do with wizards and folklore.
More recently though- granted its been probably over 10 years now, Ara Ara has been used as like a quote from a Mature sexy woman using it in a teasing manner that is very – for lack of a better term- MILF-y. XD

On the one hand, “Ara Ara” is more teasing and ‘effective’ than it would have been in the past. People know about it and have a strong association with it. On the other hand, any more benign or tame usage of the phrase gets colored by potentially more flirty interpretations. For all that Yuki complains here, she may well appreciate the benefits in the future! I kinda want to see her try it with Blue…

Also I somewhat enjoy the wise, immortal kitsune getting thrown off her stride a few times in rapid succession like this – brings her a little ‘down to earth’ so to speak. For all that she is a smart fox, it’s not great to ALWAYS be so in control and unflappable that it separates you from others.

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