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soooooo…, does she swing both ways or is that a fetish?

There’s nothing hot about normalizing emasculation of males in society. Nothing.

What “emasculation”!? Phil is embracing his inner (and outer) female gender choice. And make no mistake, it is his choice to make. (Also, feeling threatened is a surefire way of embracing emasculation. But that is an analysis for another day.)

*Phil uses femineity on Yuki. It is effective.* Go, Phil!

*scrutinizes panel 3* Are you sure? Evidence seems to indicate otherwise.

I know, right? Sleel comes off as one of these guys who pretends they’re an “alpha male” (as if people who use that phrase ever mean anything besides being a toxic male, which if there are different ranked male genders like alpha, sigma, whatever like that, it would be whatever’s the lowest ranked one). f

Those types get their masculinity all in a knot whenever a guy is hot.

Nothings being normalized. The guy rocks the maid outfit and sleeps with 2 women and can crush monsters with a stick. Guy doesnt need jeans and a F-150 to be manly. When he needs to “man up” he can man up and stay emotionally connect to his friends and family.

Yes. I’m constantly amazed by the implicit idea that having a broad behavior palette means you have to lose (?) or devalue any of it. If I put on bath slippers at the beach,. does that mean I can’t use proper shoes in the city or that I somehow “emshoed” myself!?

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