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Certainly would never happen given the nature of it’d complicate the story. But it does make for cute Fanon and now I ship it.

complicated is just another word for possible

Possible is just another word for probable. (Don’t ask *how* probable.) The ship has sailed!

[Though if Yuki’s final argument is cuteness, she is too immature to be a parent. She should get a fox.]

so, does Yuki want in on the pseudo-harem Phil’s been building, or is this strictly non-canon? because either way, it’s cute, I just like being able to keep this stuff clear in my mind.

Honestly I legit would like to see a hypothetical Michelle child thrown into the mix too.

Michelle is an android, she might have the playground, but she does not have the nursery.

I don’t think Sage has ever said that our beloved androids cannot have kids 🙂

I actually think I have said they can- though the process would not be biological- yet. O_O
Robot Children! Until we get artificial womb and genetically engineered eggs based on humanoid robot physical traits o_o

Is the child Yuki presents a boy or a girl?

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