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4th of July 2022

4th of July 2022 published on 7 Comments on 4th of July 2022

Happy US Independence day! Also- Mihari, aka Yuki’s birthday so- threw her new character Yuki into the bikini! The bikini that is the same yet different almost every year and changes size to fit whomever- even if that persons boobs are strangely larger than they were before. O_O


It’s not strange – boobs are magical!

[Abs are strange. Or at least many RL bodies seem to think so.]

Sage seems to like giving his character’s prominent ab’s while shirtless, even when it’s highly unlikely that they’d have them. Female Humans typically find it between challenging to outright impossible to have ab’s while maintaining a healthy diet (aka, not being malnourished), and even Male Humans typically have to specifically diet and train their abs specifically for appearance in order to have them be prominent.

But, hey, it’s a comic and a design choice. I’m not going to complain about that.

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