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AnthroCon2022 published on 16 Comments on AnthroCon2022

I’ll be home late Sunday night so long as my flight comes in on time- there should be a filler for the 4th of July too! Hope you all have a great weekend, I’m gonna be working my butt off while also trying to have a good time O_O. Man… A lot of my friends really are furries. Am I furry by association?


Not by association no, but some of your pinups might implicate you a bit.
But on a slightly different note I just recently learned that Twokinds Tom is Markipiers little brother, which is just such a suprising small world moment.

I learned that from Tom himself when I met him at SD Comic Con several years ago. He pointed to Markiplier’s *huge* booth across the Dealer Hall, and said sometime to the effect of, “So my brother’s doing pretty well for himself…”

That was a revelation, lol.

I ( and probably very few others) have another problem with a page, and again my own fault for reading on a screen much too small for such a detailed image — the image of Flora is so well done that almost all the stylization is invisible on the little screen, pushing the realism up to the uncanny valley.

Only you can decide whether or not you’re a furry, but I’d say attending a furry convention gives you furry points. That said… Were you at Anthrocon? I was there! If I had known, I’d have tried to look for you! Not that finding you would have been easy among over 9000 attendees, but I would have at least tried.

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