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Birthday Filler 2021

Birthday Filler 2021 published on 11 Comments on Birthday Filler 2021

My birthday isn’t until Wednesday (The 24th) but I take off 2 days every year for my Birthday and Thanksgiving! Well- Sorta- I still draw the fillers and that’s still work o_o

Anyways! Here’s one of my favorite DnD characters, a cute short Elven Cleric of Sune (The goddess of Love). Fun times!


Yup, she looks cute.
Nicely done and congrats on your birthday!
What’s her class and backstory?

Peace Cleric of Sune, grew up in Waterdeep mostly with humans, got a lot of attention at the temple of Sune for her wine red hair. She joined the church and felt a mixture of elven wanderlust and Sune’s call to head out and find those in need and to find art and beauty in the world. Now she’s running around with a pretty boy warlock, a dwarf, a wizard, and a rogue warning people out in the sticks of a dragon sighting in the area! Last time she was desperately ringing a magical bell to tear apart a mimic because it can eat them all. A success, but a hard fought one- for a cleric of peace! But as a cleric of peace… Violence is only acceptable in the most extreme circumstances, and monster eating friends thankful matches that circumstance to a Tee!

Clerics can be real fun to play when you play them right!

I myself am enjoying a Cleric of Trickery of Dionysus.

Her name is Magi Rubri (latin for Red mage) and she tells everyone she’s a bard, but if they catch her skulking about, she fesses up to being a rogue. She’s a winged Kobald who tells people she’s a baby dragon (including dying her scales to a metallic blue). Her favorite method of fighting is attacking her enemies while in the Astral plane, and tries to solve as many problems as possible with throwing parties and/or alcohol. She’s also insanely dodgy, as a critical hit only has a 1 in 16 chance of actually hitting her as she pulls Naruto-like shadow clone shenanigans by combining duplicity and mirror image with blink.

Very, VERY low damage output though. But hey, can’t argue with her constant running soundtrack being “Da na na na, can’t touch this.”

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