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#2218 published on 5 Comments on #2218

Big Announcement Time! The Artificial Incident Book is available to order now! If you have any issues ordering please email me at! It’s a brand new system but initial testing seems to show it working properly.

Click the banner or here to be directed to the store!

Please Note- If you were a supporter on the Kickstarter that was pledging to get a Sketch in addition to the Book I will still do them but you must order them through contacting me. Check the Kickstarter Update for more information on that! All the details will be in the latest Update.


As the biggest threat to death would be assasination when she is not aware and he is her guard. I would assume he trusts no one and all allies are potentiality enemies to him. Dealing with surprise attacks from allies is quite likely what he is most trained to deal with.

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